Franklin graham coronavirus

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham has been sending out encouragement and support for the president and First Lady, who both tested positive for the virus, through social media. On Sunday, as reports came out that President Trump could be released from Walter Reed Medical Center, where he is being treated, as early as Monday, Graham continued to offer prayers, and encouraged the public to do the same.

Trump, and First Lady Melania Trump as they recover from the coronavirus. We thank God for good reports from his medical team and that his symptoms have been very mild and we pray for a quick recovery. On this Sunday, let us continue to pray for our President, Donald J.

Trump, and First Lady Melania Trump as they recover Graham was reportedly one of many religious and political leaders to attend at the White House on Sept. We need His help, His direction, His mercy, and His blessing. Thom Tillis were among the people at the nomination who reportedly tested positive for coronavirus.

Last week, a spokesperson for Graham said he recently had tested negative for the coronavirus. Copyright WBTV. All rights reserved.Nationally, there are overcases of coronavirus with over 10, deaths, and over 1. Man has turned his back against God. We have sinned against Him. The unit is staffed with over 70 doctors, nurses and other medical staff. Additionally, Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains are there to minister to the sick and staff.

The unit includes 10 intensive care unit beds. Patients are coming to the field hospital from its partner, Mount Sinai Health System.

In Italy, there have been overcases and over 16, deaths as of Monday afternoon. At least that is what the predictions are.

Franklin Graham Urges Prayer as Worldwide Coronavirus Cases Top 120,000

Of course, in Central Park, our doctors and nurses are Christian men and women. We pray for our patients. We have chaplains there to pray for our patients. We care for everybody that comes in.

Franklin Graham Praises God for Lives Saved

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The top 7 stories of the day, curated just for you! Delivery: Weekdays. Read 24 Earlier Comments. Trump on COVID 'There will be a lot of death,' 'every decision we make is meant to save lives' It's not the end of the world but coronavirus 'is serious,' warns Samaritan's Purse doctor at NYC field hospital Samaritan's Purse opens field hospital in northern Italy to help coronavirus patients.

Transforming Young Lives in India Partner. Qualifying for Social Security Spousal Benefits. Most Popular Facebook shuts down Christian ministry's page with no explanation 5 highlights from VP debate: Court packing, White House 'super spreader' and 'fine people' claim. Supreme Court Justices Thomas, Alito suggest same-sex marriage decision be reconsidered. Cuomo threatens to close churches, synagogues if they don't 'agree to follow the rules'. Wildfire victims find hope in Christ during record-setting ; millions of acres burned.

Kentucky school agrees to stop presenting prayers at graduation ceremonies following complaint.The coronavirus has been making headlines for weeks now, crippling economies, cancelling school, disrupting travel and killing more than 4, people around the world, with new cases reported each week. More than countries and territories have had confirmed cases of the coronavirus, bringing the total number of those infected—most active, some recovered—overGraham, whose grandparents were medical missionaries to China fromhas a heart for Christians in that nation.

franklin graham coronavirus

He also shared his desire that people in all nations—impacted by the coronavirus and otherwise—come to know true peace through Jesus Christ.

One day we will all stand before Him and give an account of how we have lived our lives. My prayer is that each and every one will put their hope and trust in Jesus Christ. The virus may be all over the news, but even at its worst, you can have the same peace Franklin Graham talked about. Trust can calm our worries—but trust in what? Trust who? Who can be so strong and wise and good that you can entrust your life to him?

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God is. God created you and loves you more than you can imagine. He knows your doubts and fears and He cares about them. That means giving your uncertainties and distress to the God who wants you to feel secure in Him. To experience that kind of security, you first need to have a relationship with Him.

And He made a way for you to do that. God cares so much about you that He sent Jesus Christ to save you from eternal separation from Him, providing a way for you to be with Him forever.

Franklin Graham on coronavirus crisis: 'Man has turned his back on God'

Will you put your trust in Him today? Give Menu. Give Online Your gift helps share the Gospel. Share Tweet. A health worker looks at a woman and child arriving at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang, Malaysia, after being evacuated from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

The virus has spread well beyond China where it originated, has affected people in more than countries and territories. Franklin Graham offered prayers for those affected. Share this page in Chinese. Share this with someone who may be affected by the coronavirus.The Rev.

Franklin Graham on Tuesday accused elected officials and others in New York of harassment over their criticism of his medical organization, which is operating a field hospital in Central Park for coronavirus patients that requires workers to sign a pledge that they are Christians who oppose same-sex marriage. But its role in the response to the virus in New York has been criticized because of its position on L. Graham, a vocal supporter of President Trump. On Sunday, Mr.

On Tuesday, Mr. Andrew M. The lawmakers also asked how the group came to be involved in the virus response in New York. In his statement, Mr. Kaplan said in an email. Last week, a plan to turn the Cathedral of St. Mount Sinai said the plan was put on hold because the number of virus-related hospitalizations in New York had begun to level off.

Latest Updates: The Coronavirus Outbreak. Curbside pickup has lent a much-needed jolt to traditional retail. The White House blocked the C. See more updates. More live coverage: Markets.

Home Page World U.Social distancing, hand washing, wearing masks in public places—all of these precautions are important. No matter how negative the reports are from the media and liberal politicians who want to use the coronavirus to destroy President Donald J. God made us. He has a plan and a purpose for our lives, and He knows the number of our days.

It is estimated that heart disease will take the lives ofpeople across our country this year and cancer is expected to claim overlives as well. It makes great headlines for them—and it produces fear in the public. A recent CNN headline said that the new coronavirus is likely to keep spreading for another months, giving ammunition to liberal states who want to keep businesses closed.

I agree that COVID may be around for a while—human coronavirus has already been around in some form for many years. Another headline by CNN to try to put fear in the minds of readers. What happens if a coronavirus vaccine is never developed?

What if the sky fell tomorrow?

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Never before in our history have those w ho are well been quarantined rather than those who are sick! We need to take precautions and we need to exercise personal responsibility. Our response to the coronavirus pandemic could greatly affect our future and our freedoms.

Like you, we here at Raw Story believe in the power of progressive journalism. But we need your support to do what we do. Raw Story is independent. Unhinged from corporate overlords, we fight to ensure no one is forgotten. We need your support in this difficult time. Every reader contribution, whatever the amount, makes a tremendous difference.

Invest with us. Make a one-time contribution to Raw Story Investigatesor click here to become a subscriber. Thank you. Click to donate by check. We need your support to do what we do. Invest with us in the future. According to a report from the DailyBeast, locals and Donald Trump donors in Montana are furious with Kimberly Guilfoylewho does double duty as a Trump campaign official while dating the president's son Don Jr.

The report notes that the retreat, which also featured fly fishing, was held in July before the president visited the state for a July 4th rally at Mt. Rushmore, and that attendees only found out that Guilfoyle tested positive for the deadly coronavirus the day after she left. He's also seen firsthand how greedy corporations and their Republican cronies relentlessly erode labor protections at the state and national levels, making it increasingly difficult not only for Americans to organize but for union members to exercise long-held rights.

Now, Haynes fears the addition of anti-worker Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the right-wing-dominated Supreme Court will help the rich tighten their stranglehold on working people.Franklin Graham.

Its white tents will soon be dismantled and sent to new makeshift coronavirus wards as far away as Ecuador and Alaska. In an interview on Thursday amid empty tents, Mr. Graham said the decision to leave New York had been motivated by falling infection numbers, not by politics.

He described Mr. Graham said. The son of Billy Grahamand one of the leading figures in evangelical Christianity, Mr. Bishop Andrew M. John the Divine had been shelved last month. He said Mr. The statement of faith would have made it impossible for non-Christians to work in the cathedral, he said. He said no workers at the field hospital had been infected by the coronavirus, which he attributed to safety measures the group adopted in treating disease outbreaks overseas, including Ebola.

His employees are being asked to self-quarantine for 14 days when they return home. But some New Yorkers have been skeptical. Graham delivered an Easter sermon on Fox News from the site. Some have also expressed alarm about Mr. He is a vocal supporter of President Trump, a role that has made some Evangelicals uncomfortableand has a long history of negative remarks about L.

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Obama was not an American citizen. Northrop said. Strickland said. Spiritual aid might take the form of medical workers praying with patients, Mr. But Mr. They would not force themselves on somebody and try to force our religion on somebody or what we believe. Tobin, the editor in chief of Jewish News Syndicate, said Mr.

Franklin Graham Says He Is Being Harassed Over Central Park Hospital

Graham said he thought most New Yorkers agreed with him on marriage, an assertion not borne out by polling datawhich in showed 69 percent of the state supported same-sex marriage. Johnson said Mr. Johnson said. But the controversy did not affect the daily routine of the field hospital. Workers there said they had been warmly welcomed by New Yorkers, who sent food and gathered to cheer for them at 7 p.

Pike, 28, who is also a nurse. How could we not? Giving sacrificial love is very important to us. Hospital, but Not Going Quietly. Graham disputed Mr. The White House blocked the C.Filly Turf 3One LinerInto MischiefTodd PletcherSouthwest Stakes 3Jenda's AgendaProud CitizenLarry JonesCaeser's Wish Stakes 3Dream It IsShacklefordBarbara MinshallSchuylerville Stakes 3Kathryn The WiseUncle MoChad BrownCritical Eye Stakes Race Video Loading Race Video Bayakoa Hcp. Who are you doing this for anyway.

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franklin graham coronavirus

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franklin graham coronavirus

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Franklin Graham Is Taking Down His N.Y. Hospital, but Not Going Quietly

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